A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

At the Front Stage, from the Fateful Dream Endless saga: The Outermaze Book of Rhapsodies' Backdoor Route is a card-collecting deck-building rogue-like cyberpunk computer game developed in partnership with project:v.

Abandoned in a colossal planet-ship traveling across the rifts of the multiverse, the survivors of a long-forgotten tragedy must venture through the ruins of a dead and hopeless world in search of the Fruits of Vanth while drifting towards what they believe to be their salvation. 

Play the role of one of these interdimensional immigrants in a game that closely follows the format of classic rogue-likes save for one particularity: your actions, your items, your skills, and even your character progression are all represented by cards you assemble in decks while you crawl, hack and slash your way through the world the Gods have left behind.


This game is licensed under the GPL 3.0. You can can find its source code here.

Known issues

  • OSX build is very unstable


Backdoor Route 0.10.0 - Windows 32bits
Backdoor Route 0.10.0 - Linux 64bits
Backdoor Route 0.10.0 - OSX

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